What exactly is happening at confirmation? Kai and Libby explain just what is being confirmed, who is doing the confirming, and, most importantly...why?

Episode 19 · April 20, 2018 · sacraments

Diving Deeper

1. In many dioceses, confirmandi choose a confirmation saint. Who is your confirmation saint? Why did you choose him or her? How can you try to emulate him or her more?


2. In this episode, we learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. What gifts can you recognize in yourself? Are there gifts of the Holy Spirit that you’d like to grow in? What can you do to grow in them?


3. Why is it important that up until Pentecost the Apostles "had only been baptized”? What did Pentecost change for them?


The Holy Spirit works with our willpower to help us grow. What is one bad habit you could give up this week?


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