Corporal Works of Mercy

Serving other faulty, smelly human beings can be many things, but one thing Catholics believe it's not? Optional. Kai and Libby give you several ways to break out of selfishness and put love into action today.

Episode 53 · October 21, 2019 · Youth, YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • Do you need to be Catholic to do corporal works of mercy? How might being Catholic enrich service to others?
  • Have you ever witnessed a positive impact from someone carrying out one of the corporal works of mercy? What were some of the effects on those involved?
  • Just as “burying the dead” was added to the original corporal works of mercy when early Christians recognized a need for it, Pope Francis recently proposed “care for the environment” as a complement to our existing corporal works of mercy. How can caring for the environment help to meet people’s material or physical needs?


Create a bookmark, note card, wallet card, poster, or any other visual with a list of the 8 corporal works of mercy or images that represent them. Put your list in a place where you’ll see it regularly as a reminder: Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Clothe the naked, Shelter the homeless, Visit the sick, Visit the imprisoned, Bury the dead, Care for the environment


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