Everyday Discernment

Is making decisions a straightforward process or does life seem like a constant crossroads of infinite possibilities, and saying yes to anything excludes everything else? Kai and Libby share some techniques, including the much-talked-about Discernment of Spirits, that will hopefully make the process easier for making choices, big or small.

Episode 46 · July 15, 2019 · YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • Discernment is a gift from God. Have you intentionally asked God for more of this gift? How do you think this gift might help you? Are there specific areas of life where you have trouble making decisions?
  • We can respond to the gift of discernment and develop it through prayer, study, and seeking good counsel. Do you set time aside to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in everyday decisions? Do you seek out resources and mentors who can help you develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit?
  • Think about a difficult decision you’ve made. Can you see where the Holy Spirit might have been working in your thoughts and feelings? Or can you see where you might have acted out of fear or selfishness?


Pope Francis says that it’s in the silence of prayer that “we can discern, in the light of the Spirit, the paths of holiness to which the Lord is calling us.” Spend regular time in silent prayer listening to the Spirit, asking Him questions and expecting a response. The Lord speaks to each of us personally and we can better hear His voice the more we practice listening. The more we know the voice of the Shepherd the more easily we can follow His direction in the daily decisions of our life.

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