The Holy Spirit

What - or who - is the Holy Spirit? Where does he show up in Scripture, and in our lives? Kai and Libby fill you in on the most mysterious person of the Trinity.

Episode 43 · June 3, 2019 · YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • What symbols of the Holy Spirit are most resonant for you? How do you perceive the presence of the Holy Spirit in your daily life? 

  • Which gifts and fruits of the Spirit are you most drawn to? Which gifts and fruits of the Spirit do you find the most resistance towards?

  • What fruits of the Holy Spirit do you see unfolding in your life? How does closeness to or distance from the Holy Spirit affect your life day to day?


  • In all your hardships, ask the Holy Spirit to console you. In your decision making, ask the Spirit to help guide you. In your interactions with others, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what to say and flow through your actions. Take time to breathe and reflect on the Holy Spirit within your breath. Let the Spirit fill you.

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