Praying with the Bible: Lectio Divina

Can you have a personal experience with God through the Bible? Is reading the Bible all about memorizing dates and facts, or is there another way to go about it? In this episode, Kai and Libby show how to use the Bible to deepen your prayer experience and relationship with God.
Episode 26 · October 1, 2018 · YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

1. St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” How do you think praying this way could help you to better know Jesus? 


2. In the episode, Libby relates to the idea of hiding from God. Have you ever tried to run away or hide from God? What was the result? Are there ways you can strive to have deeper encounters with God?


3. In order to have a meaningful experience with Lectio Divina, it’s best to start with a mind that’s at peace and an environment free of distractions. Do you struggle with calming down your mind? What are the things that distract you the most? How can you take breaks from them? 


  • Choose a passage from one of the upcoming Mass readings on Sunday. Practice Lectio Divina with it. Be sure to give yourself enough time to contemplate it and dialogue with God to find out what He might be wanting to tell you through it.

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