Marriage: one of the most common institutions across every time and culture. But what do Catholics mean when they talk about marriage? Why are there so many rules around it?
Episode 22 · July 10, 2018 ·

Diving Deeper

  1. Kai and Libby recognize that living out marriage as a covenant is hard. What are the benefits to it? Why do you think the Church has the requirements it does?

  2. What are the qualities that you think someone should look for in a lifelong partner? Do you embody those qualities? Are there things you know you can work on in order to better be able to love and serve others? 

  3. Kai and Libby mention that marriage is not the kind of thing you can hack. Think of a marriage that you admire. What about it makes it admirable? Are there things that stand out as being signs of Christ’s love? 


Make a list of the qualities that an ideal marriage would have. Can you find examples in the Bible of God showing each of those qualities?
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