Proofs of God

Belief in God is more than just blindly believing in an old man in the sky. Kai and Libby take you through a few of the rational arguments for the existence of God that Catholics have proposed throughout the centuries, and how faith and logic can work together.


Episode 59 · February 18, 2020 · YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • Can you use facts, logic, and reason to talk about God's existence?
  • How does St. Thomas Aquinas' theory of causation -- the idea that every event is caused by a prior event, all the way back to the beginning of the universe -- support the idea that there is a God?
  • Think about the laws of physics that were perfectly balanced and timed as our universe and solar system began. According to scientists, could a life-sustaining planet have formed if any of these factors (gravitational pull, density, entropy, etc.) were calibrated slightly differently? How might this indicate the existence of God?
  • Why would God create us and create the universe? What does this work reveal about his desire to share himself with us?
  • Practically speaking, what does it mean to believe in God? How might this belief affect a person's attitude, actions, and understanding of the dignity of others?



  1. Reflect on a recent positive experience of beauty or love. How did you feel? When you think about it, do you remember just the factual events, or does the experience transcend physical reality with a more meaningful significance? 


Consider how neuroscientists can describe the electricity in our brains and analyze our hormones, but they can't explain why we have this capacity and desire for the transcendent. The soul is the part of each person that reaches beyond our physical reality to connect to the transcendent. The soul has its source in God.


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