Spiritual Works of Mercy

How can we help others spiritually? Kai and Libby break down some of the ways the Catholic Church has laid out throughout the centuries to serve others on a spiritual level, and what exactly it means to carry them out.

Episode 54 · November 13, 2019 · Youth, YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • What does the meaning of the word mercy (to take to heart someone else’s suffering) stir up for
    you? How does it add to or change your way of thinking about mercy?
  • When have you experienced mercy in a profound way that drew you closer to God? When have you
    extended mercy towards someone else and had an increased sense of God’s closeness through it?
  •  Which spiritual acts of mercy do you find yourself most drawn towards? Which do you find most
    challenging? Why? Invite God into your feelings of being drawn or challenged.


Write each of the spiritual works of mercy on slips of paper and draw one each day from a box. Pay attention throughout the day to notice opportunities to do those works of mercy for others or instances where someone else has lived out that work of mercy towards you.

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