The Trinity

The Trinity: three persons, one deceptively simple concept that has spawned dozens of theological headaches over the centuries! Kai and Libby try to explain what the Trinity means and what the implications of it are for Catholics today without falling into any major heresies.

Episode 42 · May 21, 2019 · YouTube, apologetics

Diving Deeper

  • Which person of the Trinity do you most closely feel connected to? Why?

  • How might you deepen your relationship with each person of the Trinity?

  • In considering the Trinity as a relationship or community of love, how does that Image of God affect your understanding of God, your understanding of love, and your understanding of community?


  • Take a moment to reflect on each person of the Trinity. Ask God for the grace to draw closer to Him in the three persons of the Trinity. Reflect on ‘Father’ or ‘Loving Parent’ and see what images or feelings come up in response. Simply notice. Sit with the feelings and images, trusting in God’s triune presence with you. Next, reflect on ‘Son’ or ‘Savior’ or ‘Messiah’, or ‘Emmanuel/God-with-us”, the Incarnate God. What is your image of Jesus? What feelings come up in relation to him? Notice and sit with them. Lastly, reflect on ‘Holy Spirit’. What does The Spirit bring up for you? Notice the images and feelings that come to mind. Take another moment to see what invitations you might be receiving from God, if they come to you more particularly through a distinct person of the Trinity. Take time to thank God for this period of prayer and reflection. See how you notice the presence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with you throughout the day. 

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